Extinction Rebellion

crude wooden tripods 
tethered human pendulums
           swinging amongst
fumes and fuming

damming politicians
           and incandescent commuters
damming the city’s arteries

          a timely attack

the heart on the hill*

while the body rages
          taut fists enacting 
death throes

of a planet in need

*Australia’s Parliament House is commonly referred to as “the house on the hill”

This poem refers to a Protest by “Extinction Rebellion” last week in which they cut off all roads to the centre of Canberra on a day when National Parliament was supposed to be sitting.

Written for msjadeli’s dVerse prompt – Quadrille 133 – “Stand”

24 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion

  1. This says it all:

    “while the body rages
    taut fists enacting
    death throes

    of a planet in need”

    This is how we fuck up the planet little by little and it’s become so much, we can’t reverse it. You depict this with eloquence and a sense of disappointment of the world and the people in power (who actually have the power to help it) failing us all the same in different ways. Brilliantly penned, Worms. ❤ As always, I love how you weave imagery together throughout your words, it's stunning and inspiring.

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  2. ER is a brilliant example of an issue worth thinking about, I feel. Just as in, how justified is it?
    I started off with the view that “I agree with them but they shouldn’t disrupt third-parties” but am now coming more and more to fit with them, because there isn’t really such a thing as a third party, not on this issue.

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    1. It wasn’t intended as a threat. The bloodless thing was part of the metaphor of the heart and the arteries. Perhaps I need to work on it. You see the politicians are stick in the traffic so the blood can’t get to the heart. Does that make sense?

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  3. Brilliant poem Worms. I am very moderate in my politics, but on climate change I do think ER’s way of protesting is valid. Somebody has to make our complacent administrations act rather than fobbing us off with platitudes! 😒

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  4. I admire the courage of the activists who use ways to keep the issue in the consciousness of the masses. “tethered human pendulums” that tick-tock that time is passing and urgency is needed.

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