water grips
  the track -
     glossy contorted discs
   of weather-based paint
   beyond today’s
          Grecian-blue covenant
    the sun remembers 
 how it is to hold the hose, 

     sprays light just so 
     the dog,            
stepping stars 
into the puddle,
               elucidates galaxies
           around sleek ankles 


  in gum leaves’
           vertical grating
    a magpie utters vowels -
          the fluent stream

       like yesterday’s rain
                  running down 
          this rumpled path

12 thoughts on “Tuesday

    1. Thanks John. Be interested to know what you think of my earlier post from yesterday. It’s called Extinction Rebellion. So by its nature it has politics entwined. I just wonder what you will make of it.


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