the goose and the magpie nest

bare little tree -
small bird's nest revealed

(we imagine a goose
one webbed foot 

curved to twiggy bowl,
the other flaps about

rowing the air
honk! honk!

her arm through mine
enjoying a giggle).

geese 'V' on high
but we can't fly.

we gallop
the drawn lines

our dog
and our masks.

blue sky virus,
earth borders -

tiny bugs
evolve exponentially

while big brains
check the fences

15 thoughts on “the goose and the magpie nest

  1. I really like this one. The first half celebrates nature, the goose, the honking, laughing. The second half, is something of an indictment of our artificial world, our drawn lines, borders, fences. The last couplet is brilliant. It asks, is this all we can do with our big brains? Well done!

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