Locked in…

deep scuba sweep -
generous void
of undersea gloom

down to strangled kelp
and coral beaks’ nip.

a clam’s stiff lips womp
and steal my heart,
blows hollow bubbles
prismatic nothing
ballooning in organ's place.

meanwhile in
sequestered dark,
unforgiving ridges

beat at my blood

Written for dVerse’s Quadrille Prompt “Heart”

47 thoughts on “Locked in…

  1. *proceeds to retire my poet hat as I’ll never live up to this poem EVER* Seriously, I think this is absolutely incredible, gothic, and dark in imagery. It’s genius how you implement a mesmeric combination of words and it creates a scene beyond me, beyond my mind. It’s dark and it’s something I want to peer in again to investigate line by line. Such a beautiful, powerful poem. ❤ ❤ My hat is literally off to you.

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      1. Ha ha ha!! 😀 Yes indeed! A PFD and get a little chisel to pry open the jaws of that cheeky clam! No, I am better today. I decided that, pain and discomfort aside, being in bed was just doing my head in. So unfair on Mr Worms trying to do everything. So today I got up and did the homeschooling. It wasn’t easy but it sure helped my mood.


      1. hang in there … I gave treatment up after ten months! They stated it would only help by about 7% and who would bet on a horse with only 7% chance of winning … it’s a real emotional rollercoaster

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  2. I love the squishy pulpy underwater imagery so perfect for the wet and beating heart. There’s something so hidden about one’s heart that this quadrille captures perfectly. Glad I didn’t miss it.

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