Song Hunt

This afternoon our little son said to me “Mummy, which song is this guitar riff from?” and he sang:

“Doo doo doooooo doo doo dee doo. Doo doo doooooo. doo doooo.”

It was so familiar but I couldn’t figure out which song it was. We got on Spotify and I looked through Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Guns ‘n’ Roses, ’70s rock playlists, ’80s rock playlists, ’90s rock playlists but we had no luck.

I asked Mr Worms, who was pruning the apricot trees. He scratched his sweaty brow and swung the pruning saw from a thoughtful hand. But no, he couldn’t place it either.

Tonight, just before dinner, I said to our son “Sing, it again. Remind me. I want to ask Google.” So I did. I said to Google “Do you know this song?” And I sang the riff our son remembered.

Google thought for a bit and then up it popped… “Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple!

I really didn’t know that Google would be able to do that.

25 thoughts on “Song Hunt

  1. I loved Deep Purple as a teenager. Deep Purple in Rock and Machine Head were my favourite albums. Music shop owners say that the riff from Smoke on the Water is the most played riff ever by people thinking about purchasing a guitar and perhaps wanting to show off their playing ability. A bit of trivia that I heard on the radio the other week.
    I too didn’t know that Google could recognise tunes. How clever is that! πŸ™‚πŸ‘

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    1. I was astonished! πŸ˜€ Cool bit of trivia. Our son hasn’t got into guitar yet. He’s a drummer. But I think he might take up guitar. I guess you know the story behind the song? Mr Worms found a nice little interview with two of the band members about how they hired this space to record but there was just one Frank Zappa concert to go and then, some audience member fired a flare gun during the performance and the whole venue went up in smoke. That’s what the song is about.

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      1. πŸ™‚Yeah, I know the story about the fire. It is quite legendary. Good luck with your son’s musical ambitions. My eldest plays guitar to a good standard and my youngest learned the drums when they were younger. You can imagine the noise when they were practicing together!

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  2. I have used Google to find song titles and artists but I didn’t know it could actually recognise music. That is cool. And a very cool song too, one of my favourite DP songs. I love that Roger Glover wrote a song about what happened.

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  3. I saw in the comments that your son and mr Worms (really start to like him) are drummers and being a drummer myself, not very good, I think the drums comp to “Smoke on the water” is way cooler than the guitar riff.

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  4. ahh yes, that is a familiar riff; as Skyhooks would say, ‘a million dollar riff’: the chords all budding guitar players try out — including me as a teenager before I graduated to drumming knives on tables πŸ™‚

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