Nearly every walk I go on, I am struck by the beautiful grace of the local breed of gum… sadly I don’t even know what it is. They have such creamy skin and such elegant form and the light caresses and upholds them. I have taken so many photos and none really do them a speck of justice. But this one has something better about it so I thought I would post it. Maybe it’s just the late-afternoon yellow in the light. Or maybe it’s those gorgeous contouring wrinkles near the fork. Whatever it is… see if you like it too.

21 thoughts on “Poetree

  1. A lovely photo. Last time I was in Australia a guy taught me an Australian song (with actions) about gum trees, plum trees and an old rocking chair? I’m ashamed to say I’ve forgotten it, but does it ring any bells? πŸ™‚

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  2. It looks like a brittle gum. That’s the most common pale smooth barked eucalypt around here. They’re yellowish when they first shed their bark, them cream then white then solver before they shed again. I’ve written a few poems about them. πŸ™‚

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