Journal Excerpts – 2015

Inspired by Fandango’s Flashback Friday and not having much energy (after schooling from home this week) for writing new things, I went hunting for something to reblog. I didn’t like my September 3rd entries but I found this and it was posted at a time when I didn’t have many followers. So, if you have the patience for something longer… I hope you enjoy a little insight into where I grew up… 30+ years on.

Out of the Cave

This afternoon, my daughter found an old notebook with a journal I wrote when we re-visited Pulau Bangka in 2015 for a wedding. For me, the descriptions are quite evocative and I want to share them. I can’t tell what it will mean to anybody else but… there’s only one way to find out. Here are some excerpts.


Cengkareng Airport is really nice! The gates are in big pavilions which you access through glassed-in walkways. And between the pavilions and the central body are beautiful tropical gardens. It’s very impressive! Even the pavilion ceilings are quite ornately Indonesian in flavour.

The hotel shuttle bus failed to turn up so we caught a cab. Although our hotel was only about 4 kilometres from the airport, a divided road meant the taxi had to take a huge detour through narrow streets, filled with warungs and monstered by huge trucks who didn’t…

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      1. No need. I used to translate the odd French word, but with the ease of Google, there is not much point. It’s fun looking it up, because it can lead to other discoveries! 🙂

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