Silver Hair

(Written age 18 – goodness knows what inspired it)

If a person's hair turned gold with age
would the first appearance cause such rage?
Any colour beats a head that bare
so why should people dread their silver hair?

In ancient fables, and novels brand new
the wise, the magic, the old and true -
they were the ones granted silver hair.
Others should complain: "It's so unfair!"

Silver is the colour of the rich and mighty
not the walking sticks and the nightie.
Barristers wear wigs to show their power - 
silver means big bucks every hour.

People buy dye and colour hair blue
as if this were a preferable hue.
I really can not understand
why silver is worse than second hand.

People will try to call it grey
but that's "tall poppy syndrome" holding sway.
So when silver takes over above the shoulder
tell your kids "you can have it when you're older"

16 thoughts on “Silver Hair

    1. Yes, it’s mine. And I have it because yesterday I was going through (at last) a big brief case of stuff I must have packed away when my parents moved to the country when I was in first year Uni. It had stuff all the way back to primary school. It was quite a trip down memory lane.

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