Wish on the tears of clouds…

Earth wipes a tear
from the soft white cheek
of  a cumulus cloud - careful now
and into her vial -
these appropriated raindrops

to be saved for the protesters
their fruitless garden of raised fists.

May they grow
(she says) plentiful as dandelions -
until their explosion into wind-blown stars
grits the eyes of the long-deaf leviathans;
that they stumble and fall into the soil

smelling home. And, like the dances of honey bees,
teach their fellows the way to a richness unknown.

Written for Earthweal’s open link weekend #82

26 thoughts on “Wish on the tears of clouds…

  1. They too will come to this grief, and water the world with it. Hunkering down into the yellow of dandelions, waving in the same great wind. I struggle to find some balance in all this, with a lot of failed drafts churning out in the process. And struggle to read with an eye wide enough (so sorry if I misread). – B

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    1. My intention was that the water helped the garden of raised fists to grow and the seeds of their protest spread until even the leviathans (the powerful who are holding us back) can’t ignore the protestors anymore. 🙂 Not sure I understand your interpretation…


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