Sketchy Computer – Sketchy night

Last night my computer had a conniption and was taken into the care of primary IT First Aider – Mr Worms. As a result blogging was out of the question for a time and I couldn’t even attend to a recent obsession – Solitaire. Yes, that’s how exciting I am.

So, when in doubt, draw. I have been watching my kids do their school work and the glorious drawings they do and their creativity and use of colour and I have decided that I need to stop just copying pictures and start trying to draw stuff in the real world and get a bit more daring. Last night, our cat became my target. I completed two pencil sketches and two crayon drawings. Even when sleeping, the cat moves with surprising regularity so there was a bit of … muddling of poses and a bit of … hiding the evidence from previous poses. And a lot of trying to make his ears look right.

I was using my son’s school crayons for the crayon drawings. They’re small and rectangular and the same width all the way around so it takes some adjusting getting used to them. Detail is quite hard to articulate.

Anyway, enough making excuses. Here’s what I got up to.

Captain Catty Worms 1
Captain Catty Worms 2 – a more deeply relaxed pose
There’s some pencil around his face
And the final attempt

29 thoughts on “Sketchy Computer – Sketchy night

    1. Thanks, John. The fairyland, as you delightfully called it, is our front yard. Those hummocks are an Australian cool country grass called scleranthus biflorus. We thought it would spread flatter but it’s made these fascinating humps. The grass is relatively bristly but the humps are spongey like they’re full of air. It was meant to be low traffic but it’s turned out to be no traffic.


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