Leaving Clover #Novelinee

I’ve never found a four-leaf clover yet

to wave around as evidence of luck;

that’s not to say I feel at all bereft.

Still, in patches, my hopeful eyes gets stuck.

When hairy clouds leave dandruff on clover

it glitters – zirconia - but soft and round.

The leaves bedazzle - dainty flakes all over

Then individual leaves sweetly resound -

I’m glad to leave them glowing in the ground.

Written for Laura's dVerse #Novelinee Prompt
A Novelinee is a 9 line poem with 10 syllable lines and a strict rhyming structure.  It should be in iambic pentameter.

35 thoughts on “Leaving Clover #Novelinee

      1. I should make it clear: ‘A pedestrian start’ was praise; it’s a good way to guide the reader into the poem where the writing is elevated; some of the best poems have pedestrian starts: the reader is not intimidated; pedestrian does not mean cliched writing; it means plain spokenness —

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