On the Road to Wolfe Creek Crater

Here now 
sketched dark against 
camellia pink
a washboard  sky

we settle into this
dry creek groove
flames tick and fizzle
around lamb chops

bums sunk in canvas
foot fired and smoke eyed

review the day's Boab sightings
milk bottle trunks,
branches in a ghost’s wail

and you 
peeling potatoes at the border -
Fruit Fly rules

laughing like billy water

So I thought I would write a “groove” Quadrille for last week’s dVerse prompt. But what was on my mind was Boab trees. And it prompted a memory from 20 years ago. A rare trip with my brothers. A campfire. So it’s not a Quadrille. And it’s too late for the prompt. But it does contain the word “groove”.

13 thoughts on “On the Road to Wolfe Creek Crater

    1. They’re stunning trees. Unusual. And actually that trip was frustrating because I got so little time to photograph or stop near one. We zipped through the Kimberley. I can’t remember the time restriction. I would have loved to spend longer.

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      1. Oh do you still have a milkman? I remember as a child, going down my grandparents steepish drive way to get the little wire case of milk bottles with red foil lids. And you left the old ones to be refilled. Such a great system! But here at the moment, it’s either plastic or cardboard cartons.

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      2. Milk delivery is being revived because people want an option to plastic. It started again about 20-years ago in our area. You just have to keep the magpies from pecking at the foil tops.

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