Out of the past

we said begin

     and brass trumpets

rang loud the chords

       of mellifluous history

  we sang to the echoes

in Earth-baked stone
        -  monuments to yesterday 

the lichen rusk of them.

     And so doing

we cooked ourselves into the past

   yeast-rich and puffy

    in these bread-crust prisons...

squared off and sweating

        like those great

           toothy coal shrines

       puffing plaque into the decaying sky.

But now, fiddles to chins,

         let us shimmy softly

    be ushered through doorways

to whispers of patios
   cool as evening

  as sweet melody looses

       time's indigo spool

     that we may ungrip the past


    future’s unfurling ribbon

                in the shigga shigga blue

Written for Ingrid’s Earthweal Challenge – “Anthropocene Labyrinth” – dancing our way out…

31 thoughts on “Out of the past

  1. I love your unusual imagery here, mixing music with food and dance! ‘ let us shimmy softly’ – I think this is most necessary if we are to make it through the Anthropocene labyrinth.

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      1. Thank you. I am so glad you liked the poem. I worked jolly hard at that. It was done in bouts like a fight. Biff Biff Biff. Ach. Stuck. Play Solitaire. And back to it … Biff Biff Biff. Finally went to bed and was able to revisit this morning with greater success.

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  2. We have locked in a cooked future with our mastery, nothing left to that path but the minotaur’s jaw buffet … At Knossos the meander eventually led to a high outdoor court “in the jigga jigga blue.” Up and out into the sunlight of the spirit. How do we hold on through this? We let go … A nice victory dance here.

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