A Horsey Evening

It’s not obvious these days but I am a dedicated horse lover. We got horses when we first moved back to Australia when I was about seven. I was never a brave rider but the beauty and nobility of these animals still strikes me every time I come across them. And non-horsey people think I’m weird when I say this but they smell fabulous – like sunshine and dust in their purest form. Anyway, I won’t rant on. But I thoroughly enjoyed drawing these three horsey pictures tonight (from pictures on the web).

15 thoughts on “A Horsey Evening

    1. Somehow I accidentally deleted the comment you wrote under here about goats being dependent. I think any animal you lock in a paddock/field/yard becomes dependent don’t they? You have wrested their independence from them and so you must make sure they have food and water and be aware that predators have the advantage because the goat/horse/sheep cannot flee.


      1. True. You can rescue the comment BTW. In the admin consol, look on the list for “Comments”. Then on the rhs a list of all your comments appears. In a tab along the top, there is one labelled Trash. I do it all the time.

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