They Have Hearts Too

pour happy thoughts
into your breakfast bowl

that summer 
mayn't dry out hope
leaving it on footpaths
adrift amongst
the stepping stone madness
of commuter feet

try looking for a moment
through the spectrum of flowers
petal art by vein

they have hearts too
open to the sun
begging for bees

and if they wilt
it’s not death
only the gift
of fallen decay

grabbed up by 
next year’s springers
to dance and splash our eyes
with rainbows
of light’s intersecting
rivers once again

Over eighteen months ago, I sent a message in to Nick Cave’s webpage “Red Hand Files” asking: if he were to write a song of hope for today’s children, what would he write? As you have probably gathered by now, I am a popular culture ignoramus and I was unaware that Nick Cave had lost his own son. So perhaps it was a cruel question but I was hurting after that awful summer and I liked the idea of his poetry finding its way to this cause. Anyway, he hasn’t yet responded. So I have tried to write my own. There is so much to be gloomy about and so much distrust of our leaders. It’s hard to claw back hope.

I will submit this to the dVerse open link night #300

29 thoughts on “They Have Hearts Too

  1. Your poem teaches children to celebrate the small and hope between the fires. Or because. It’s a mature hope, don’t you think? And beautiful–this world, its gift, your poem. (PS pity the luminaries basking in the glare of what this world’s become. Anonymity is a priceless gift!)

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  2. You have a very pleasingly vivid and rather musical style and a certain freshness in the way you write. I enjoyed reading this, this morning – thnak you

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  3. I love the hope and the celebration to the circle of life. It is a lovely poem.
    Like Nick Cave I lost my son and that has made me more attentive to the little things in life that I try to capture with my camera. You should not think to much about if the question was cruel. After all you didn’t know and we all have our crosses to bear.

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