5 Things

In response to Jewish Young Professional’s Anti Self Deprecation post I am going to try and write about five random things I think I am good at… without being self deprecating. That’s the challenge.

  1. Spelling. I’m not a spelling wiz like those kids on that Netflix documentary who can spell words they’ve never heard or seen before through some kind of dictionary telepathy. And it turns out I don’t know how to spell wiz. But when we moved to an American school when I was half way through year 4, they moved me up to year 5 on the basis of my spelling and reading level. And looking back over old journals, I can see that I was very comfortable with spelling at age 10, more so than 10 year olds I know now. I have realised as I have aged, that this is something I should be very grateful for – this affinity with our weird and wonderful language – because knowing how to spell and therefore finding writing pretty easy makes a lot of things in life easier. To be fair, I still get corrected by my Mum. 🙂 Like last week I spelled lavender incorrectly.
  2. Chatting to people while walking the dog It pleases me that I can chat easily with strangers. I didn’t have a lot of fun (socially speaking) in the Australian high school I attended and it has taken me a long time to build confidence after that experience. So to wander about with our little white dog and enjoy frequent, pleasant interactions with the local dog-owners feels really good.
  3. Writing When I was in year 6, I received a “Principal’s Award” for a piece of creative writing I typed up on the school’s Microbee Computers (those were the days). It seems that this acknowledgement was all the push I needed to make me think I had something I was better than average at. I have worked at writing ever since. Of course, my inclination is to tell you how I have done nothing with it. But I will push on with being positive and tell you that I still cling to the belief that I can string words together in a way that is engaging and easy to read. And I love the challenge of coming up with an original image, or a different way of using a word, or a magical turn of phrase for my poetry. This blog has been a wonderful obsession to get me writing regularly. I’m quite needy so it’s just wonderful having an audience to read my poems and make comments. I almost feel ready to take the massively vulnerable step of submitting something for publication.
  4. Being a clown Once I get comfortable with a group of people (whether it’s work colleagues, a few kids, extended family, my friends, the classes I taught in China) I am quite happy to be very silly. I enjoy making people laugh and (in those comfortable environments) I don’t suffer much from self-consciousness.
  5. Drawing This is a new and amazing development for me. It wasn’t until I was 39 that I discovered any ability to draw. Honestly, before that I would’ve told you in utmost sincerity “I can’t draw to save myself”. The other night I looked at those horses I had drawn and I laughed out loud. I said to Mr Worms: “I am my own biggest fan when it comes to my drawing. I still just can’t believe that I am able to draw a horse like that!” And it’s true. It’s not that I think I’m wonderful or the best. It’s not that I have any aspirations to earn money from my art. It’s just simple delight and disbelief. I only wish I had found the love of drawing earlier, before my grandmother passed away. I would dearly have loved to share it with her. Instead, I fill our house with as much of her art as I can get my hands on.

16 thoughts on “5 Things

  1. That’s really impressive re: spelling, especially given American vs. Australian spelling. I would think that would be so confusing for a kid. You are an impressive writer! I’m often just awed at your use of imagery. I definitely think you could pursue publication for your poetry. Small talk with strangers is a huge! And I also love the drawings and sketches you have shared on your blog.
    I’m honored to have provided the inspiration!

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  2. I feel the same about writing – it feels wonderful just to have a solid foundation in spelling and grammar, something I can take for granted. So if I write something now, I feel I have the toolset, I just need to provide that creative spark.

    But the satisfaction for me comes in enjoying the process, enjoying the finished article. It’s nice if other people enjoy it, but not imperative, so I’m not looking at getting published.

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    1. Thanks! Hey! I found my first four leaf clover today! And I picked it! Was so excited I didn’t even think just swooped in and grabbed it. But then, I”m supposed to keep my hands out of the sun and I forgot my gloves on my walk and I was kind of folding my hands in my scarf and the four leaf clover got completely mushed. 😦 Hope that’s not BAD luck. 😀

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      1. Excellent!!! You would have absorbed the luck when you squashed it, it can pass through the skin like some chemicals. 😉 I press them in books, and now and then find them when I open a book I haven’t looked in for a long time.

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