Who Hears the Crying?

When a million stars
take leave 
from night duty
and arrange themselves
on Earth's 
blackened boughs

then you know
that tree cries
are heard all across
this universe 
we perceive as barren.

But tomorrow,
when we stand 
dressed in smoke,
completely lost 
in its ebb and rolling,

our asphyxiated wails
will vanish 
quick as bio-luminescence -  

particles released and dimmed 
in the gutsy 
heaving of oceans.

Written for Earthweal's "A Timbered Choir"  challenge

11 thoughts on “Who Hears the Crying?

  1. “Dressed in smoke” —right! But too busy to notice when we’re bent over our phones. Looking up only to check for cell service on our devices. Perhaps if we thought more about our CO2 footprints. Perhaps if someone told us trees produced the wi-fi we need to be concerned more about right now. Perhaps… perha… per…
    Sorry I got so long winded.
    I hear the crying. And to Gaia’s cry I add mine. May we do better before the smoke devours us. Let’s do it for our children.
    Thanks for doing this to me today. You’re tops. I wish you miracles.

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      1. Try this on for size: you are not alone. This is not a one-person-job. We do what we can— each of us. Because every effort has one more person doing the same.
        Ya dig?!
        So keep making others aware like in this poem. You’re already helping to right things. Amazing is what you are.
        You are not alone. 👏 👏

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