Busy Bees

All the signs of spring I'm seeing:
like spilled ink, the green is fleeing;
trees in blossom; young birds tweeing
and the bees are busy beeing.

Up, the mercury is treeing
and the grass growth it is spreeing
and you can't but help agreeing
that the bees are busy beeing.

I think that I might find it freeing
to stop doing others' decreeing,
instead copy what I'm seeing
and like the bees get busy being.

20 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. I missed this first time round for some reason, but I love it. It scans beautifully, the rhythm is great and there is such a sense of fun in the wordplay. I especially like the beeing/being thing because beeing is a great description of what bees do. They bee!

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