11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

      1. Did the fires reach your area? I live to see that spring-green colour again. Winter is not kind to my family, and November in particular seems to reclaim most of us.

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      2. ;-( I’m sorry to hear that. Canberra was very lucky in the 19/20 hell fires. One suburb in the very south was threatened and some national parks in the south and east burned. But my parents’ place burned (luckily the house was saved as were the animals). It was all incredibly stressful. And the same year, our new Tesla got done in a massive hailstorm – hail stones like base balls. And the heat! It got up to 45C (113F) here and 47C (116.6F) where my parents are.


      3. We have friends who live in West Cambewarra, New South Wales, and they lost everything in the fires. The cattle were moved in time, but all the outbuildings and their house went up in flames. They’re still rebuilding their lives. What pity for your Tesla. Lovely cars. Did you replace it?

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      4. Oh it got mended. It took four months because there were so many damaged cars. I feel very deeply for your friends. And the Australian Federal government has been useless (or near enough to). The trauma, grief and hardship must be immeasurable.


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