September Summary

September ended with a midnight storm.
I lay and listened to the sky tear itself
with the angry shear of cotton sheets
and the rain chorus
mixing solo ticks with the great
and beautiful roar of a million
life affirming voices

I love September although spring
brings the anxiety of summer.
I love the blossoms,  the busy parent birds,
the glimpses of their young.
I love the mild weather and slow
unfolding of greens

This September has been in lockdown
with schooling at home
and pets being a focus
and holidays - the stretch of empty days,
children's music,  a sick cat,
our clock-work chickens with their delicious eggs 
and wet weather mohawks
and the dog who gets us out
to test the light,  be engulfed by air
and find our freedom legs again.
Thankfully, the cat seems to be improving
with anti-biotics and much spoiling.
He's heading for fifteen but I couldn't bear
to lose him now, our long time friend,
who terrorises guests but gives us 
smooches and warm laps and
morning bed cuddles as close to our faces
as we'll let him.  I need him this year.
Hello October.  What gifts do you offer?

18 thoughts on “September Summary

  1. beautiful photos, delightful text; a gem of a poem with some vivid images :clockwork chickens with wet weather mohawks, the anxiety of summer — and that sudden, surprising, hello October. What gifts do you offer?

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      1. Sometimes. He’s not too bad. We had two roosters. Smarty-pants was dominant and noisier. He started charging the kids. We managed to sell him. So this is Dua (Indonesian for 2). He has grown in stature since Smarty-pants left but not in aggression. He’s rather nice. But yes occasionally noisy.

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  2. That (2nd one) is an amazing looking chook! He looks like a Chernobyl survivor! This is such a delightful read. It was my bedtime treat last night, and I’m only now getting around to stating my adoration. πŸ₯°

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