Papadam Moon

Like the moon 
how its blushless circle
turns sun’s dread glare back 
in silver wonder… so
watch the papadam grow proud
against slam fisted heat.  

Written for msjadeli’s dVerse Open Link Night #293 prompt. (Belated)

Edited 3/10/21

19 thoughts on “Papadam Moon

    1. Thanks, Ingrid. I haven’t been using Mr Linky the last couple of weeks. I haven’t felt up to doing my part with all the comments on others so I thought I would make use of the prompts and promote dVerse with my link but not worry about Mr Linky at this stage.

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    1. There was a great court case – stanzas vs verses. Everybody got confused about versus and verses and verses got a bad name. Kind of sad. But one stanza is still a universe so that’s good. 😊


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