Abstraction #Miz Quickly

Written for Miz Quickly’s October 3 Prompt (Sadistic Laughter from the Rabbit)

composition 1

this door, with nose and eyes
slams silently, and her the letterbox
with silent space for communication;
her need drips off him, the puddle 
staining the carpet around his chair

composition 2

banana slices in her breakfast
the round soft shock of them
potassium thick as honey and
the blonde roll of yoghurt
to ease the slide.  sweetened duty.

4 thoughts on “Abstraction #Miz Quickly

    1. Thanks Misky! I feel abstracted. 😀 I hope you don’t mind but I couldn’t resist following “Poetic Bloomings” as well. I don’t want to copy you but you find good prompts! Expect an Edward Hopper picture shortly.


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