Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl

(Pink Floyd – “Wish You Were Here”)

oil - sinewed rainbows
rafted up
to swirl and giggle
riding high on

the nausea of a fatty sea
your blood’s dark swig
sucked and spat
your prehistoric core

birds in Brylcreme
slicked sick
I hear them weeping
yet I sleep on

bubbled in glass
so far away from you
not listening
to the mourning

Written for Miz Quickly’s Prompt Oct 4 “My Friend Can Stick Around” in which we take a line from a favourite song and use it as a title and go from there.

10 thoughts on “Two Lost Souls Swimming in a Fish Bowl

  1. I always admire a little dab of Brylcreme reference, and adding that final-line “u” to my morning makes the work just that much more admirable (admiral-able?)


  2. Fish bowls are something else. A comic has a little boy talking to his fish… and he asks them “Did you have a nice swim?… And the fish wonder about the boy. If all you could do was circles in a bowl… I think that would be cause for mourning. Reminds me a bit of snow globes. Though nothing is alive in them.

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