Nature’s Art

Regard today’s plumage
pigeon grey
and unleashing

iridescent swabs
of cats-eye yellow
and powder rain’s

dry sweep.
Behold the choral flowers
singing sky echoes:

magnolia goblets
gulping sunset purple
and photinia clouds,

their beached wave
like storm impending,
recasting battered light.

Beneath the elm tree
unclung butterfly clusters
swarm to earth,

a coloured shadow,
and on the footpath
a bronze crane - 

the elegance of nature’s art

Written for Sanaa’s dVerse prompt “Exploring Panegyric Poetry”

15 thoughts on “Nature’s Art

    1. 😀 I haven’t heard that word “Shades” used in ages. I associate it with being at an American run International School in Jakarta and singing some song about wearing shades. I wonder what the song was. We all brought our sunglasses in for the performance.

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