I have tried hairlessness
the way it takes
  from my profile
those silver edges. 
     Mammalian softness.

The bannered dog
 sells beauty like shampoo
his coat 
in glorious shuffle
Galahs in fearful flight.        

I walk in the race
of cloud shadows
wind like falling card houses.
Frantic ant highways.
I watch my feet.

A man in high vis
among the detritus of his job
sips from a can.
His bulldozer ticks and
the forest holds its breath.

We ride this oblate spheroid
  round dark matter’s
 orbital tracks -
   circles like zeros.
But oh that we sang as one.

Written for Bjorn’s dVerse prompt: Write a Cadralor

Bjorn explains that a Cadralor is a poem in 5 apparently unrelated stanzas. Each stanza should be an image like a photograph. The final stanza should unify the poem as a love song – ie; it should identify what you are yearning for.

10 thoughts on “Chorus

    1. Thanks so much, Kate. I had the opening stanza already half written. It’s an interesting idea this grouping apparently unlinked thoughts. I am doing these daily prompts this month (Miz Quickly) and she’s practising similar ideas. Tonight it’s doing my head in.


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