Seeing Sounds

I can see toots in people’s eyes
in the way their cheeks tighten
I see what isn’t said.

I can’t prove a silent honk though
so was it really there?
It’s odourless and socially awkward

so I take its memory home (inevitably) 
tucked in my back pocket
for worrying about later

where I might glare into the rear vision mirror
my middle finger raised
alone as me and just as unsure.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Oct 12 prompt “Tuesday Toot”

14 thoughts on “Seeing Sounds

  1. a great title, drew me in straight away; yes, it is awkward trying to interpret what actually hasn;t been said, and a wrong response can provoke aggression [ great opening stanza — and I love the ‘silent honk’; a strange but effective poem 🙂

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      1. that didn’t bother me: the poem is an interesting premise for a short story, teasing out the consequences of ‘seeing sounds’ and perhaps how the protagonist arrived at such a state

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  2. “Take it home to worry about it later” … I kick myself for doing that. It’s so annoying that I’ve allowed it to occupy my headspace. This is a wonderful piece of writing, Wormsie

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