Eucalyptus Mannifera

In taut arabesque and sterling trim
you hold the light.  Pointing leaves
exalt your luminescence,
moth-quiet, whispering “manna manna”.
You show me elegance in the rain.

Resilient dancers, your merry tutus 
sway ivory tendrils in canopy’s 
sunlit pantomime. And then,
cocky-flung and homeless, you 
celebrate rebirth: the gates to soil’s womb.  

Written for Miz Quickly October 14 Prompt

Some sort of plant (single or collective)

OR animal

OR a parent and child

OR a pair of lovers—observed or imagined

Using one of these topics, write a poem of two five-line stanzas. The two will present some of the same information, but in different ways. For instance: lovers seen from a distance/the sensation of holding hands. A squirrel’s eye view of an acorn/a deer hunter unpacking a sandwich. Panorama/closeup. Different senses. Male/female. No judgment, no conclusion, just presentation.

5 thoughts on “Eucalyptus Mannifera

  1. Not that you didn’t present it perfectly, but (being unfamiliar with the tree itself) I did a Google Image search which only magnified my admiration for your wondrous verse. My hat is off.

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