He tells me
how he’s divorced
but it trails off.

He mutters about 
“a lot of silly things”
and I walk on 
face turned to the breeze
not watching
him ache.

He was born
in the same hospital
as Spike Milligan -
a claim to fame.

We chuckle in our masks
the hill making
us both breathless. 

If you asked him
a year ago
he would never have dreamed
he’d be living in
aged care

“I’m too young!”

His ankles
seem unreliable
and his walking stick
saves him from falling
into a garden bed.

but I don't look.
I feel his cry deeply
- how life can slap you sometimes

its finger marks on your face
its bird pooh in your hair
the smell of fear
like summer flies
settling around you.

Soon we say goodbye.
He calls after me
like it’s important
“Where were you born?”

but my answer
doesn’t bring colour
to his cheeks.

I wish it was
the same hospital
as CJ Dennis.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Weekend Prompt

Write about an observation, eavesdrop, radio or tv moment…

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