Watch Out

My watch of twelve years ran out of ticks
We left it in the garage window 
hoping the sun
would revive its solar heart
and there it stayed
face to face with time royalty

I have meant to buy another
but these days 
watches are jewellery
or else Bond-like devices
that answer seven purposes
on one tiny screen:
either way, an extravagance 
in my opinion.

A year later, and 
I paddle through days
conscious only vaguely
of the precision instrument
the sharply pointed hands
of human time keeping.

Illness has given me 
that luxury; that simple drift
like shadows around their plants
only occasionally 
alarmed into consciousness
by my phone
or just a sudden curiosity.

But still,  I miss my watch.
Perhaps I’ll get one for Christmas.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Oct 19 Prompt.

What do you do with time? Chase it? Kill it? Make it? Herd it into nifty little slots with asterisks and bullets?

Let that be your prompt today: Write about dealing with Time.

12 thoughts on “Watch Out

    1. Yes. Lots of people use their mobiles instead of watches. I just don’t function well that way. I get distracted by a message somebody has sent and fail to actually check the time. Or I don’t have my mobile with me when I want to check the time and have to wander around the house to find it (you can tell I”m absent-minded). I go into into the kitchen to check the time on the oven and then find myself turning on the kettle instead. Truly hopeless. A watch is definitely a better option if I actually want to stay tuned with the time. Otherwise, drifting has been pleasant. But by CHristmas *touch wood* my treatment will be mostly over and I hope that life will pick up more “normal” activities like volunteering at school etc

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