days pass monotonous as grass blades, grey as cloud cover, incessant as cistern hum; pass through pencil sharpeners, pass over teaspoons like wavery steam, pass along my spine- the disconcerting shiver of them. days pass overhead and underfoot, mosquito-whine past ears, pass like passing out, pass like passing wind, very rarely passing muster. passing days like willy wagtail chatter, like shopping lists and boxes ticked. days pass always forward like driven rain and horses walking and baby magpies their high pitched squawking. days passing like telegraph poles the zip of highway enough to make you close your eyes. days pass inevitably.

Written for Miz Quickly Oct 24 Prompt “Choose your subject, then go wild”

Process: Days pass…

17 thoughts on “Lockdown

  1. You’ve done brilliantly on this! I’ve no idea why you thought otherwise. I just love it. The lack of line breaks is also perfect, as if it just hums and hums on and on.

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  2. You’ve captured the tedious quality of lockdown perfectly here. I love the format you have used. It adds to that feeling of the days going on and on rolling into one under the ever present grey sky. I hope you get out of lockdown soon in the ACT.

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      1. Fingers crossed!! Mr Worms was just reading to me about the longevity of vaccine effectiveness. It’s not great. I mean, great for something come up with in a hurry. But not great in terms of getting the world population dosed up sufficiently frequently.


      2. Yes, I agree. I’m not keen on gettìng a booster when people in poorer countries haven’t been able to get one dose. There are so many unknowns moving forward. Staying sane and staying safe are big challenges now.

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