This is My Gravity

Hair twisted carelessly back, she squats flat footed -
the firm ‘M’ of legs and buttocks, and out front 
a large round wicker work tray. She bounces peanuts, 
wispy skins float away, sailing silent on the saline breeze.   
Evening washes in, ocean displacing shuffled greys.

Soft syllables of the mopoke repeating and repeating;
drifting to sleep through holes in the flywire
mosquito song whorls interpolate my dreams.
Morning: your blue slippers, the teapot cosy and his hand
on the dog’s head.  And me, an eiderdown tortoise curled at your feet.

I only went once, my ears protesting as we counted the links
down the anchor chain.  But once was enough.  Quilted shadows
and the muffled roar of this great ocean organism shifting in its bed.  
And the seals, the gloss and flick of them, whorls of bubbles 
through tossing kelp. And I remember the bulbous eyes of a blue groper.

Written for Miz Quickly Oct 27 prompt

Write three apparently unlinked stanzas in which the third stanza brings the other two together very subtly with the use of objects or colours or words…

16 thoughts on “This is My Gravity

  1. Aaaha! I know groper! It was my favourite fish when we lived in Hong Kong. They don’t scavenge the bottom, so they’re less toxic or filled with mercury and chemicals. Lovely poem. Feels calm as a vanishing wave.

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