Techno Nights

Nights out
began with the drive
into city lights,
the transverse cables
of ANZAC Bridge -

your crystal scorpion
swinging rainbows
across your cheek bone
our mascara
still in tact.

We didn't drink
each for different reasons
but we danced
like nobody watched us
just to prove we could.

Those heady techno beats,
raucous lights pumping: 
adrenaline pistons

The Night Train.

We wore sneakers
and tight pants
our hair strung
with the ribbons of
other people’s cigarettes

and later
as morning draped the city 
in soft grey chiffon
we'd sit 
(by a MacDonald's window;
or on a wall
overlooking the 
cold echoey slab
of Darling Harbour)
drinking coffee
our eyes dried out
our thoughts
gritty as sleep dust

and watch the day
pant into being
with the moan
of the street sweeper.

Written for Miz Quickly’s Oct 29 Prompt “Dancing in Colombia”

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