As it is…

I said: "I want to run away from my fingernails".   

We laughed but I don't think it's funny.  
My fingernails are disgusting.  

After all the things, 

this is what bothers me.  

They're pushing up  

like irksome trolls 

are hiding underneath

their tongues, 

thick as concrete,

oozing out.  

I was poisoned carefully

(measured and meted) 

and now, weeks later, 

purple and grey and gross green, 

my nails are a horror movie.

And now this stuff is appearing

from the inside out

and I can't turn it off

or go to another room.

Cooking dinner

I wonder if I'm poisoning the family

like Typhoid Mary

the toxic touch.

Written (sort of) For Miz Quickly QnV8

22 thoughts on “As it is…

    1. LOL Indeed. Yes, they warned me of the possibility of my nails discolouring and, worst case, falling off. But my friend who had the same kind of chemo that I had, said her nails didn’t do that. So I naively assumed I’d be fine… Ba humbug and harrumph. That’s all I’ve got to say.

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  1. this is excellent: the opening sentence of course got me in but the gruesome images kept me there; and the narrative is strong and clear; one of your best, in my opinion, up there with Nimmitabel; do you remember that one?

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