10 thoughts on “Friday Feature

    1. She was up higher in a different tree and I decided I couldn’t photograph her and kept walking. She flew along the path, overtook me just to my right, and landed low in this smaller tree and I took about six snaps of her as she paraded through some feeding manoeuvres while keeping an eye on me. She was most obliging.

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  1. When I went to Australia, it really struck me how beautifully colourful your wild birds are compared to most UK ones. Ours are wonderful too, but the colours tend to be a bit more subdued. Must be the UK weather 😂

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    1. ha ha. Who knows. We have so many parrots. Off the top of my head they’re the common colourful ones. Although, when you see Bushboy’s photos, there are so many honey eaters and kingfishers and little wrens and stuff too. I guess the parrots are what we see most in this part of Canberra.

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      1. Yes, we saw a lot of parrots and lots of other very colourful birds too. My son lives near Melbourne zoo, so I probably saw birds in there that I wouldn’t normally see.

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