Frog Wisdom

I want to know if frogs
(between small throat booms
and balloon eye blinks)
plait star beams with reed blades
making mattresses for their frothy spawn.
Or perhaps, their sixth sense skin
demands shiny nova caresses ...

shouldn’t we all?
A masseuse for our dreaming.

The background to this post is long and complicated. It is from 3 Miz Quickly prompts – all connected. We had to find lines from a number of poems that we liked (perhaps twenty) and mishmash them all about, giving credit to the various poets. I did this but didn’t come up with anything of a quality I was willing to post. I included Sylvia Plath, Lorca, Leonard Cohen, Robert Frost, Rainer Maria Rilke, Pablo Neruda and Gwen Harwood.

After all that, we were to seek inspiration from what we had concocted and compose a poem of our own. I’m afraid, in the end, this really only responds to one of the lines I chose and it’s from Lorca:

“on account of my shadow

the frogs are deprived of stars”

7 thoughts on “Frog Wisdom

  1. Oh… please link up in Quicly’s posts. I couldn’t find you there – but I found you!

    Frogs are admired in my home (along with too many other collections). I think the good thing about Quickly’s prompts is there is quite a bit of leeway ~ Just as long as you write. 🙂

    And I enjoyed what you wrote! 🐸

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