I remember those epic days

full bodied calm
still as vase water

but even loved camellias’
heads droop to falling

our pieces
defying unity

the man who
was not a man

belly outstanding
  concave chest
short grey hair
balding at the front

I wait behind
            and a bit to the side

absently misidentifying
a sister


when you see

with a mirror

the crash is loud
and the shards
prick your feet

Written for Miz Quickly QnV21 Write about Emotion

10 thoughts on “Emotion

  1. Since I was always told I looked like my father… being a gal – I thought that I wasn’t beautiful.
    Then you learn when you look without the mirror you see more.

    Realtiy is tricky. I keep my mouth shut these days when I see folks who might be pregnant, but aren’t.
    That pregnant pause helps 😉

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