Sky Ink

Some say we’re all star dust
and I get it now, how we’re set
by the exquisite geometry
of constellations

Flowers built around the houses
of exacting pentagons or 
an eagle's flight feathers
their sprayed precision,

the acute explosion
of wattle blossom tendrils, or
my own hand, its splayed fingers
and the triangles between.

Water's effortless spangling of light, 
or the scattered highways
from the humble nests of ants.
Its all here

in these clandestine fragments
written from the sky

18 thoughts on “Sky Ink

    1. Thanks John! In responding to your “Expect the Unexpected” I wrote a sentence that may become another poem and had to remove it from the comment so I could use it elsewhere. So my comment wound up being somewhat brief. Sorry about that.

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