after the storm

(a cadralor)

scene from a 1950s
hair salon - California blue sky
beehive clouds piled
beside the busy scissors 
of a palm tree

the sun is rolled out
like yellow dough
long arcs for
cookie cutters to dance across
on the feet of giants

a glance from the queen 
her face on a coin
that wealth of light
when white becomes silver
the exact moment 

a magician
caught red-handed
springing his bouquet
this cuff of buds
young and sweet

we three together
playing music
intense glow, richer
than the tinsel of sun-swarm 
through wet leaves

Written for Lillian’s dVerse prompt “This one’s for you Bjorn” (use a line from Abba’s Dancing Queen in your poem)

I chose the line “young and sweet”

26 thoughts on “after the storm

      1. The PM at the time (pretty sure it was John Howard) was pro the British ties So he carefully worded it to make a Republic sound really scary. I think I was a smidgeon too young to vote then. But I remember my folks talking about it.

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    1. It’s a weird form. There’s an online magazine called Gleam who specialise in cadralore. Reading their guidelines for submission, the images are to have no obvious link – they’re very strong on that point. I’m wondering if this would pass muster.

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