Love not Condoned

we are two, stooped to never kiss
our loving, an uncrossable bridge
like the eye bulges of caterpillars

these are the must-nots of our age
old twiggery wrapped corset tight 
its cocoon, its wobbly constriction

our toes behind us, societal winding back
our wings in broken silhouette
the scapula ache of unfelt flight

image from Rorschach’s Inkblots

Thank you to K Hartless for her suggestion and her inspiring post “Meditative Monk” on Yardsale of Thoughts.

Written also for Miz Quickly’s QnV29 “Winding”

14 thoughts on “Love not Condoned

  1. This is spectacular. I love the science experiment you make this relationship into. I see exactly your worldly as if wiggling on some cosmic silver tray. Lacerated and separate in their togetherness. You make great use of fifty words, friend. Thanks for sharing this.

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  2. “Wings in broken silhouette” and “scapula ache of unfelt flight” leave me thinking of various images.

    I almost picture angels being threatened to have their wings cut off; something glorious threatened with evisceration.

    This is why I love poetry. It’s abstract painting for the mind.

    Thanks for sharing!

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