there’s a sense of...
     losing grip
              smooth and stainless

       time’s an inert shape

when it gets all tangled
     I wonder ...

what threads
                   were pulled?
my finger tips are numb
              to piano keys
   and several
                  angles of pencil

            and my shoes
are F major


  launch pads for
 rocket engines
              their molten farts

   that desire
              blessed escape from sunrises

So… yesterday I posted a contribution to the dVerse prompt to write a post-modern fragmented poem. While I liked the images I had collected, I wasn’t sure they worked as a poem and therefore thought they might be wasted as a single post. So I have removed that piece from my blog. This is my second attempt. I’m not sure how fragmented it is so I have called it “Defrag”.

11 thoughts on “Defrag

  1. I like this version of your fragments. It takes me to many inert spaces. I’ve been playing with this prompt too but haven’t been able to get anything much happening – I just can’t get the angle of the pencil right.

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