Awake Again


in your paintings
             you found yellow
    tilting on ripple tips.
          And among pebbles
  where I had only seen
     a grey and shattered day


Hong Kong glimmers
            the traffic of a million bulbs
              the tv screen blacks out
  somewhere a golf ball lands
       but in the dark square
                  is just the gleam of our reflection

   and the parrot in her cage


butterfly seed pods
      veins like rippled water
    this buttered light

Written for Twiglet #256 “Awake Again”

14 thoughts on “Awake Again

    1. Thank you. 😊 So interesting that you call it a garden. I re read it with a different light on in my brain. And.. that’s kind of what the poem was trying (extremely abstractly) to talk about. Turning different lights on.


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