thunder scraped its knees
across sky boulders
i heard it coming
cracked along by 
lightning’s febrile lash

I saw light flung sideways
from the garage
it yellowed the carpet
and prickled to glitter
the dust on your keyboard

while you sandbagged
ready for the rain 
I slept anyway
perversely oblivious
to the threat, this flogged night

24 thoughts on “4am

      1. To be honest Mr Worms wasn’t sandbagging either. But our garage has flooded 3 times this year and he was rearranging a few things which might be badly affected if it happened again. The drainage just wasn’t considered very carefully when it was built and this year has shown all the cracks, so to speak.

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  1. Oh I love this! Wonderful descriptions. We’re flooded in today – creek across the road at a low culvert. Fortunately the house is on the side of a hill so we’re fine. I just wish we had more tanks to be catching all this!

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