Street Christmas Party

Summer. Kids dive, bums up, feet waving. 
Splash, like tin foil lids strung on 
sun beams, its rubbish chatter lays claim 
the breeze. Beneath the rumpled blue sheet 
shadows ripple in pliable squares.  BBQ smoke 
wafts - the white drift of sudden hunger -
behold wet figures trickle across baked tiles. 

Written for Grace’s dVerse prompt “Write a Kwansaba”

What is a Kwansaba?

1.a celebration of family and African-American culture, a praise poem.
2.a septastich, a poem in 7 lines.  (To be clear, it is only 1 stanza).
3. measured by 7 words in each line.
4. written with no word exceeding 7 letters.

*Unity, family
*Self Determination
*Work Collectively
*Cooperative economics

17 thoughts on “Street Christmas Party

  1. I really like what you’ve done with this one. “wet figures trickle across baked tiles” is very good!

    I was trying to figure out Grace’s instruction for this form, and I understood it as you’ve done. Some people have very long poems far exceeding the 7 lines, and far less than 7 words per line. I thought … nah, don’t understand it, and so I moved on.

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    1. Thanks Misky. I think Grace had two options. I haven’t looked at others (except those who I follow anyway) but is it possible they were doing a blessing or something rather than this stricter form? Sorry it’s nearly 3am and I haven’t been able to sleep so I can’t remember the name of the form.


      1. Thanks. I’m really not a party person. While we call it a Street Christmas Party it’s incredibly informal – everybody brings their own dinner and a dish for befores. The kids run around. The adults natter for an hour or two. It’s a gathering. Nothing like what your blog is promoting. And other than my kids’ birthday celebrations it’s pretty much the only “party” I attend in any given year.

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