Ladies in Lightning

   I  glimpsed you
           just missing the wall

       head cracked open
             like Cerberus’s grin

but with a wave 
   like wattle blossoms
                 you skated in

          body breaking water, 
  splinters, a funnel of
shattered stars 
     spilled blue
burnt to colourless
          on pavers’ heat

        ladies in lightning
that galloping nightmare

           my suctioned heart


To be honest, I heard my kids talking about ladies in lightning. I have no idea where the phrase came from but it sang in my head and I had to use it.

18 thoughts on “Ladies in Lightning

    1. I must admit to not watching the lightning. It is both splendid and terrifying to me. We cooked Thit Kho To (Vietnamese Caramel Pork) for dinner and I was absorbed in that. We’ve become junkies of a website called Recipe Tin Eats. The recipes are so good! We’ve tried lamb Rogan Josh, crispy sweet and sour pork, veggie burgers, and a Thai chicken and noodle dish called Pad See Ew. All delicious and all the steps so clearly explained.

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