(she said to the sky)
if I were but a snip of smoke
exhaled from a god’s mouth
smelling of toothpaste
and whatever tobacco
you grow up there.
I guess we’d all
be higher beings.

Written for Twiglet #258 “Snip of smoke”

24 thoughts on “Higher

    1. Ha ha. I don’t have huge experience of roll ups but, from what I’ve seen, there’s something beautiful about the process. I get satisfaction out of brewing my little pot of coffee each morning. I imagine the same careful ritual would be enjoyed by the smokers of roll ups.

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      1. I didn’t do so for long, but there was a satisfaction of dealing with something that was obviously once a plant, rather than something from a factory. Unfortunately, it dries out very quickly and by the end of the packet it would be just like the tobacco we associate with filtered cigarettes. Well… I can’t imagine it changed.

        And you’re right, there was a definite art to it. You “learned” how to roll a cigarette.

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      2. For the brief period of time that I was in Israel and smoking weed, my friends and I had something of a ritual where we gathered around, put on music, rolled the joint, and passed it around. For me, it was as much about the atmosphere and ritual as it was about the actual physiological experience of smoking weed.

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  1. Perhaps it is a bit of a snip of smoke to believe there is something out there that really cares?
    I’m really not that cynical… but the daily news doesn’t help.
    I’ve only ever tried one cigarette as a pre-teen. I choked horridly and never tried again.
    S’posse that’s why I’ve lived long enough to be an ornary old bat. 😉


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