the effort

like tipping points
trajectory..  always forwards
hems short and her hips 
skirted in tight brackets; 
those nylon ladders 
I only briefly climbed; 

so softly collared
in collapsing V
exposing skin, white, 
not yet from baby’s milk. 
take away coffee, 
folder, phone, cigarette 
and slipping clutch 
of papers perhaps 
held by the friction 
of one button 

a flapping
irksome breeze
she’s hunchbacked 
with the effort of 
keeping it all 

13 thoughts on “the effort

    1. Thank you, Misky. I knew you would understand. It’s more than just that woman. I felt she was representative. Trying not only to do so much but to BE what society expects. I live outside that treadmill somehow. And I look in on it with fear and empathy. I’m not saying only women have these pressures. But I guess I relate best to them.


      1. Yes, I understand. One can live a productive life and lead by example without stepping on someone else’s treadmill, and although true that it not only applies to women, we can only understand what we can relate to. If that makes sense.

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