11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh! So green! We went to the ‘hippy commune farm shop’ yesterday (everyone there is our age! 🤣 and I reckon it takes oldies to do hippiedom properly) … and we both looked at the trees (in the Ashdown Forest) and agreed, “it sure is winter!” The trees are bare and twiggy and rain soaked, and just miserable. But your photo is sooo green!

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    1. Yes. Well we had a hugely wet spring and now the warm weather has come. All sorts of bushes are flowering that don’t normally flower. And birds are having multiple families in one season. I’m not surprised that the hippiest hippies are “of a certain age”. I think you had to be alive and of an age to be aware in the ’60s. If not, you’re just copying the outward signs, not feeling the inward spirit. That’s my theory. Not that I would know.

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