December Cadralor

A small black feather floated 
cresting a hill of warmth
landmarking invisible currents

Soft pelted, mammal night -
& evening birds whistle the moon to rise,  
remind Lorca’s stars that the frogs are missing them.

Between Dvorak’s movements
a sudden spate of coughing.
Spring pollens pervade theatre noses.

The dogs are in voice
between curtains and palings
telling tales of the falling dark.  
Another year drips to a close.  
The ground is pocked with tiny eyelets,  
footprints of a wet spring.  

21 thoughts on “December Cadralor

  1. Oh this is just friggin marveloso! I’d seen the form named before & enjoyed the work(s) but never checked it out til just now and – WOWZA – if I were going to point someone in the “How To Write A Cadralor” direction, I’d tell them to study this THIS fine poem.
    Fine x5; Love the closer. Thanks.

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      1. I’m reading the Editor’s choices; the one by Lori Howe called ‘Ripening’ is startling; thanks Worms, it’s an exciting new form; I don’t know if I can write one but I’m inspired 🙂

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