Playlists for the Apocalypse

it’s not mathematics

I’m just
offering dry instant noodle 
crumbs to the sun

and laughing at how 
the stainless steel slippery slide
blinds the photographer
just before her shot

The roos know
that summer is 
twitchier than fly wings

and that light
so whistle spit clean
heats the neck
quick as ember juice

At my feet
the ant dust is crawling
or perhaps my toes are sweating

it tickles like Sudoku

Written for Go Dog Go Cafe

15 thoughts on “Playlists for the Apocalypse

  1. there is always a strain, Worms: the secret is, you go along for the wild ride that creativity is and when it slows down, you slow down and get off; if there’s one thing we know, the ride will start again and we’ll be on it and get down like a reporter the exhilaration of what it was like; do not worry about what went before or after ;;; oh dear, I know I shouldn’t have had that third glass of red 🙂

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