sky and earth
   lean into each other
      blue shale wedges
     the white gap of waves
 yoga pose struck
   between rock pools

    forest shadows
 dancing in Sanskrit
cursive rhythms
  and like midnight’s boom
the downbeat
    of the sea
    looking for poetry,
a kneeling woman
     in red floppy hat
   watches a child run
       into a billow of gulls
- his breaking smile
     rising spray
   sheer as a gull’s wing
reveals an eagle balanced 
    tip to tip
  on the grey-scale
of a decoupage sky
low tide beach
sand gleams
like tempered copper
and where the waves break
this evening
a symposium of stars

14 thoughts on “Murramarang

      1. Yes, we weren’t staying in the “resort” though. We were staying with family nearby. Glad you liked the 4th one. It’s my darling. I wrote around it and around it last night in ever narrowing spirals.

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    1. Ha ha. It wasn’t noisy for us. We were there in a patch of “bad” weather – big surf and a fair bit of rain. Personally, that’s my favourite time to be on a beach. I’m not a keen swimmer and beaches in hot sun are very unattractive to me. Luckily, when I do like them, they tend to be less popular to the crowds. THe kids did fit in one swim before the surf really got tough.

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